KickStart discounted Branding, Marketing, PR, Advertising and Website package for Start-ups



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Branding; Stationery; Flyer or promo card; Advert; Website; Marketing/PR Strategy; News Release/named press contact list

Articulate HLC has developed this unique KickStart
'in a box' marketing, PR, branding and web
package designed to give your start-up
business everything you need to
present a professional face
to the world.

There are no ongoing costs, with every
element bespoke to your business;
putting you on an equal footing
with established and larger
businesses from day 1.

Start-ups often think their image
& branding can wait until they
are more established;
but, if the business
image is poor, the
customers will
not come.


Articulate HLC - Help for Start-Ups