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Articulate HLC Packages

7 advert1Articulate HLC has developed a unique 'KickStart - business in a box' package

The basic package (optional items can be added, if desired, at additional cost) includes:

  • marketing & PR strategies
  • graphic design - logo, stationery, promotional leaflet or folder
  • strapline
  • bespoke advert
  • a website

Everything, in fact, that you need to present a polished, professional face and saves you from the common mistakes that cost business in both the near and long term.

There are no ongoing costs, with every element bespoke to your business, putting you on an equal footing with established and larger businesses from day one. Furthermore, the package is designed so that, once created, you can implement the elements yourself without incurring ongoing costs.

If you're an SME that has been around for a while, (like the opticians' on the right who had been a fixture on the High St in this market town for 25 years) making ad hoc changes without much thought, maybe it's time to look at refreshing your brand.

This package offers excellent, cost-effective value and delivers the consistency that will reassure clients and help you to be remembered.

Your Brand is Your Business
The basic KickStart package -  £1900

For more information, do get in touch.

Where only individual services are required, we are happy to assess, advise and assist.

Want an example? Here's one we did earlier....

The YIMBY Brunch

All Aboard The Allen Gardiner 

Enjoy the Brunch, the River, Meeting Friends Old and New

Allen Gardiner

Thurs, 17th August, from 9.30am-11am (£15pp)

About the Allen Gardiner

Built in 1942 by the Miami Shipbuilding Corporation at Miami in Florida USA, the Allen Gardiner is one of twenty identical boats ordered by the South African Air Force during World War II. These boats were used as air/sea rescue launches and became commonly known as “crash boats”. They were deployed in pairs around the South African coast, and they were responsible for saving the lives of over 600 survivors from the 153 ships sunk by German U-boats and surface craft off that coast during the war.

After the War, a number of the surviving boats became harbour cruise restaurants, including the Allen Gardiner. She was added to the Lady Florence business in Durban, South Africa in October 2002. In 2011, she underwent a six-month rebuild in Durban, with all planking above the waterline being replaced. At the end of 2013, she proudly made her way to Ipswich and into our hearts. Visit the Allen Gardiner site to find out more.

Bookings close 10th August

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