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Branding and design elements created by Articulate HLC for Claire McAuley Beauty, a KickStart client
Remember, the bespoke marketing, PR branding and design package also includes a marketing
and PR strategy and press list with named contacts.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot show these; they are, of course, bespoke to the business
as is everything in the KickStart package


We begin with the stationery - headed paper, business card front and reverse and comp slip. The branding reflects the upmarket clientele that is Claire's natural market. Sophisticated, but still with some wit...and certainly some impact.

The headed paper is different and looks decidedly expensive, but has been designed so Claire can self-print if she is not ready to have it printed professionally. KickStart clients get self-print and pro-print versions of headed paper and comp slips.

Cards and oversized-promo cards cost very little these days and we recommend they are always printed professionally. The quality available for self-print or 'freebies' you find on offer just isn't there.



McCauley Beauty Stationery

Promo Card 1



Promotional Cards

Rather than a leaflet which, in Claire's case, would really be just a laundry list of services and get lost or tossed, we recommended an oversized postcard that is lovely enough to sit out on a coffee table. No matter which way it lands, we think you will agree it is still a stunner.

Again, these cards pack a lot of 'wow' and don't cost the earth. A rather nice and more memorable way to promote a business.

Another option, for those businesses who might have more 'strings to their bow', is a glossy folder. Printing costs have now come down enormously for these and a generic cover allows for insert sheets for whichever branch of the business is appropriate.


Promotional Card 2


Now we get to the PR...and KickStart packages can help deliver value-added PR for your business.

Articulate HLC KickStart packages all contain an advert, bespoke to the business as are all other elements.

A good advert needs to stand out on the page or it is a waste of your hard-earned money.

This advert carries through the branding and will be noticed on any page - glossy, tabloid or broadsheet.


Newspaper Editorial Coverage



PR - Editorial

Next, see the PR that KickStart generated for Claire.
Because we have built up good press contacts, the KickStart package can help start a client on the road to good PR. You get a bit of media training included. For Claire, we created a release that intrigued and was based on current economic problems that were relevant to this paper's readers.

The result was this spread that included the advert. It doesn't always happen that way, but you have a good chance if you have something to say that people want to hear!

Website Design

Finally, let's see how the website reinforces the brand and is pitched toward Claire's target market...

Here is a page from Claire's website...heavy on image because she is selling a dream. A typical business website would look very different!

Although a simple site, it is packed with everything a visitor could want, is easy to navigate, and does what it needs to do.

All Articulate HLC websites are search-engine optimised and finished sites are submitted to Google.

Web Design
We hope this has given you a better idea of what to expect from an Articulate HLC KickStart marketing, PR, branding and web package. Bog standard? Never. Your business deserves better.