On Thurs, 20th October, at The Leaping Hare in Wyken Vineyards IP31 2DW, from 8am-10.30am (£15pp*)

Articulate HLC will be tackling the ever-increasing misery wrought on all of us by Cybercrime.

Cyber Security is a subject that has been propelled into the forefront of everyone's mind, with major hacking events in recent times, businesses exploited with ease by digital criminals and the exponential increase and reach of technology. Yet quite often, Cyber Security hides behind a veil of mysticism and this lack of tangible risk leads to a lack of protection.

Adopting a cyber security culture in your business goes a long way to fortifying against the threat of cybercrime.

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*There is a £1.50 surcharge if paying by cheque, as this is what the bank now charges us!

As the Cybercrime Security Advisor and Coordinator for both Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, Paul Maskall Is responsible for furthering the Prevent, Protect and Prepare agenda of the UK Serious and Organised Crime Strategy. His primary objective is to engage with businesses of all sizes and deliver cyber security advice to both them, the safeguarding community and the public.

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