Siam Kidd - The Realistic Trader

All that glitters …

Ex-RAF pilot turned full-time investor and currency/commodity trader, Siam Kidd, found himself out on 'civvy' street and virtually penniless after leaving the RAF. One night he and his wife sat on the sofa and cried because they didn't know how they were going to pay the bills. That night Siam plotted out his goals for the next 5 years and promised himself that by his 30th Birthday he and Ellie would be financially independent. And he did it … And so could you!!

Director of the documentary DVD 'Hedging Against Uncertainty' & 'How To Profit From The Crash of 2016' and author/editor of the monthly publication 'Investors' Insight'.

Featured in EDP.

And, for your delectation, we have discovered yet another new plum in the Suffolk pudding, the Thelnetham White Horse. Chef Peter has pulled out all the stops to give you a breakfast feast in this charming village pub just outside Diss. He loves to whip up the creative and the truly delicious.

All that glitters … could truly be your ticket to gold. We hope you can join us.

Bookings close 15th September.


*There is a £1.50 surcharge if paying by cheque, as this is what the bank now charges us!


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Bookings close on 15th Sept 2015 - event date 22nd September 2015

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Thelnetham White Horse