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"Eat According to Your Genes" with Dr Oliver Frey, Friday 28th March, 8am-10.30am, The Bildeston Crown

How to eat?! Have you ever found yourself confused by the plethora of conflicting information out there, much of it from the media and even official guidelines?

Dr. Frey, the only private GP in Suffolk, specialises in food intolerances and nutrition, with an approach that is completely different to what you might expect. He says...

"Our genes have not changed considerably over the last 1 Million years – but our diet has changed drastically. Today's main staple foods are gluten-containing grains and dairy products which have not been in our diet for long: Bread has been around probably not more than 8,000 years and milking cattle around 6,000 years.

A study published in 2006 in the Journal of Nutrition showed that protein and fat reduce the glycaemic response to carbohydrates, yet we are still told to switch to "low fat" products – which are often high in carbohydrates. It is not fat that causes heart disease, it is sugar! We don't need everyone to take statins, we need to change our eating habits!

Our genes determine how we look. However, they determine a lot more how we function. Food can even switch certain genes on and off. If we want to Get Well and Stay Well, we need to eat according to our genes and use food as medicine."

p.s. Don't overcook those veg … you'd be amazed at what they turn into when they hit your body!

We do hope you can join us. £15pp for a delicious breakfast from the award-winning Bildeston Crown.

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