Richard Bacon, MP


To Stay or Not to Stay - A European Conundrum

Due to the unprecedented response we had for the April breakfast, the importance of the topic, and the many requests we have had to repeat it, we are delighted that the ever witty, articulate and erudite MP, Richard Bacon, has agreed to do just that.

With all the political posturing and hyperbole emanating from the opposing sides, confusion reigns. At least, that is the word 'on the street'. We felt it was important to get some direct answers to direct questions in a forum where the pros and cons (or put another way … the ins and outs!) of the debate could be conducted with respect, intelligence and inside knowledge.
Richard has a hard-earned reputation for fairness, courage, independence and good character, as well as many years' service in the corridors of power, and it is our belief that he can bring some clarity and reason to the debate.

The decision taken in the upcoming referendum is destined to be life-defining now and for generations to come. We need to properly understand the choice we are being asked to make.

Ask him about anything that is on your mind…and get answers.
We hope you can join us. There isn't much time left to make up your mind!

Let your voice be heard. Listen and learn - and not in 'sound-bytes'.



*There is a £1.50 surcharge if paying by cheque, as this is what the bank now charges us!

Richard Bacon MP was first elected as Member of Parliament for South Norfolk in 2001 and has been re-elected three times to represent the South Norfolk constituency, each time with an increased majority. Read more...

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